Navigating through Lesson Material and Assignments:

Again, this is a sample but helpful in evaluating how to move through the lessons. Two helpful pieces of Moodle to keep in mind:

(1) Using the "Jump to" drop down menu or the previous and next links. The jump to down menu will appear on most course pages underneath the content. You can select any item from the drop down menu and or go directly to a specific page or resource. You can also click on the link on the left to go to the previous page or the link on the right to go to the next page in the course. 

(1) Using "Breadcrumbs". In the upper left hand corner, while within Lesson material, you will find the "Breadcrumbs" area. This is a term used to define the path that you have followed to get to the page your are on. It tells you where you are but can also help you navigate. 
In this example, notice that from the path listed, I could click on "ALR" and immediately go back to that main Advanced Legal Research page.

We recommend using these tools to navigate through the course.

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